Best of Edinburgh

    Edinburgh is the capital and largest city in Scotland. It is also the primary tourist stop in the country, with many significant sights. Plan to spend several days here to fully appreciate the ancient city.

       The most imposing structure in Edinburgh is Edinburgh Castle, some of whose buildings date to more than 1,000 years ago. The castle has become primarily a museum, but it still holds Scotland’s crown jewels and hosts an annual Military Tattoo, featuring music and other Arts.

Edinburgh Castla

    From the castle, leading downhill, the Old City’s main street is known as the Royal Mile. A walk along its length is a must-do activity for all visitors to Edinburgh. Midway along the “mile” is the High Church of Edinburgh, St Giles’ Cathedral, whose crown-like tower is another city landmark.

St Giles Cathedral

     At the opposite end of the Royal Mile is the Palace of Holyrood House, where the British Queen stays when in the city. It was once the home and hide-out of Mary, Queen of Scots, a rival of Queen Elizabeth I.


    Near Holyrood is Calton Hill where visitors can get a lovely view of the Edinburgh skyline.

Edinburgh Cityscape

     In New Town, centered on Prince Street, you will find the Walter Scott Memorial, a tribute to one of Scotland’s favorite authors.

Sir Walter Scott Memorial

  For a real treat while you are in Edinburgh, spend several nights in Dalhousie Castle, in a city suburb. It is a real castle with a dungeon (where breakfast is served) and many artifacts.

Dalhousie Castle


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