Best of Grand Canyon National Park

       The Grand Canyon is one of Earth’s most impressive natural wonders. This incredible canyon, dug out of rock by what is now the Colorado River, has exposed millions of years of earth history, visible as one descends further and further into the abyss. Imagine a huge gash in the earth which extends for over 200 miles, is often 10 miles wide and over a mile deep. It can actually be seen from outer space.

     Americans and world tourists have visited this fantastic place for many years, often failing to put their awe and amazement into words because of the immensity of the spectacle. The park is actually composed of two sections, a North Rim and a South Rim, the latter being much more popular because it is more accessible. We visited the South Rim and got these incredible photos.

Grand Canyon Vista


Grand Canyon Vista

 and this one.

This view shows a trail leading into the canyon

    From this overlook, we saw a storm moving through the canyon.

Storm over the Grand Canyon

  At the eastern end of the South Rim is the Devil’s Watchtower, an intriguing structure with Native American drawings on the walls.

Devil's Watchtower


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