Best of Hong Kong

     This British possession has finally reverted back to mainland China. However, the difference is barely noticeable. Capitalism still abounds in Hong Kong, and evidence of wealth and privilege can be found everywhere.

     This island city is very special and is an important stop for any visitor to the Far East, if just for the contrast between it and other urban centers.

      Skyscrapers dominate this city which sits a the base of tall mountains. The view from The Peak is particularly impressive, looking down toward the harbor through a coterie of tall buildings.

View from the Peak

  One of the most impressive buildings in the city is the Bank of China Tower, designed by famous architect I.M. Pei.

Bank of China Tower

    At night, the city puts on a fabulous light show, the “Symphony of Lights,” in which the skyscrapers’ lights are choreographed to music.

Symphony of Lights

     In an interesting scene, a ancient Chinese junk sails through the harbor with an extremely modern backdrop.

Chinese Junk

    Other parts of the island which should be visited include Aberdeen, with its floating village

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant, Aberdeen

   and the Po Lin Monastery, home of the Giant Bronze Buddha of Po Lin.

Po Lin Buddha


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