Best of Innsbruck

     Innsbruck is a lovely village in the Austrian Alps, famous for its skiing. The town has become a year-round destination for tourists because of its pleasant ambience and its walkability. It is not far south of the German border, so is convenient for visitors to Bavaria.

      There are no mega-attractions in Innsbruck, but there are a few sights which should not be missed. The Golden Roof dates to the 16th Century and was built as a viewing box for the Archduke, above the city’s main square. It is certainly the most recognizable landmark in Innsbruck.

Golden Roof

      The Hofkirche, the city’s main church, contains the tomb of Maximilian I, an elaborate sarcophagus, actually cenotaph (since the Emperor is buried elsewhere), surrounded by statues of 28 famous people. On top of the cenotaph is a sculpture of Maximilian, kneeling.

Maximilian I's Cenotaph

     Perhaps the most significant sight in Innsbruck is its setting at the base of several alps. The picture postcard view of Innsbruck is, therefore, looking toward the Golden Roof from Maria Theresien Strasse, with the mountains in the background.

Maria Theresien Strasse



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