Best of Key West

      Key West, Florida, is certainly one of the most outrageous cities in the world. The basic premise of the place is to be different. Residents still call Key West the Conch Republic and they have an annual festival to celebrate their independence from the United States. It is, without doubt, one of the most fun-loving locations on earth, with a genuine laissez-faire attitude about everything.

      The attractions of the city are also fairly avant-garde and unusual. For instance, the Conch Train orients visitors to the sights of the city.

Conch Train

  Key West is actually closer to Cuba (90 miles) than it is to Miami (130 miles) and is the southernmost point in the Continental United States.

Southernmost Point

    The Southernmost House is not far from the marker.

Southernmost House

 One of the most popular watering holes in the area is Sloppy Joe’s Bar, a heaven for people-watchers.

Sloppy Joe's Bar

    The most important and popular gathering place for locals and visitors is Mallory Square at sunset.

Mallory Square


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