Best of Los Angeles

    LA or La-La Land remains one of America’s great cities, although its legendary traffic congestion and huge breadth discourage even some of the most inveterate travelers. Here are some of my favorite sights in this city and its suburbs.

     The skyline of the city is proud and attention-getting although it is often shrouded in fog or smog.

Los Angeles Skyline

    Every city needs a City Hall; LA’s is distinctive and worth at look.

City Hall

    The most extraordinary building in the city has to be the Disney Concert Hall, a fantasy of steel, designed by Frank Gehry, the noted architect.

Disney Concert Hall

    Hollywood is LA’s most famous suburb and the Hollywood Sign its most recognized symbol.

Hollywood Sign

    Another noted suburb is the city of Anaheim, home of the original Disneyland. We particularly enjoyed the Crystal Cathedral when we visited in 2009.

Crystal Cathedral


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