Best of Munich

                  Munich is the capital of Bavaria and one of Germany’s largest cities. It makes a great base of operations for exploring much of the province. If you are there in October, the city’s Oktoberfest is huge, elaborate, and fun-filled.

          Munich’s museums are world-class. My favorite is the Deutches Museum, one of the best science museums anywhere.

Deutches Museum

     The main gathering place in Munich is Marienplatz, a large square which is anchored by the Old and the New Town Halls. The New Town Hall looks old and contains a delightful glockenspiel.

Old Town Hall

 The glockenspiel is located in the tower and entertains thousands at various times during the day.


 The Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall) is an attractive wooden structure, on another side of the large square.

Altes Rathaus

 The symbol of the city is the distinctive Church of Our Lady, the Frauenkirche, with is rounded brick towers.


     The Residenz was the Winter Palace of the Bavarian rulers for hundreds of years. It is a huge complex of buildings near the city center.


 One of the most interesting buildings is the Cuvillies Theater, considered a rococo masterpiece.

Cuvillies Theater

     The Summer Palace is known as Nymphenburg and is located on the outskirts of Munich. It is impressive and extremely opulent as one would expect.



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