Best of New Brunswick

  The province of New Brunswick is another of Canada’s maritime provinces. It borders the US state of Maine on the south and west. It does not have a wealth of attractions but there are several which deserve mention.

     The most famous location in the province is the Bay of Fundy, where visitors can see the greatest difference between high and low tides on earth. Fundy National Park is one place to access these distinctive tidal bores which often leave boats aground at low tide.

Low Tide in the Bay of Fundy

   The most popular place to observe these tidal differences is at Hopewell Rocks, a group of vegetation-crowned sea stacks in the northern part of the Bay of Fundy. During high tide they look like this,

High Tide, Hopewell Rocks

 while at low tide they look like this.

Low Tide at Hopewell Rocks

    The capital city of St John has become reenergized into an inviting tourist location. The waterfront area, with its warehouses has come alive with restaurants and shops catering to cruise ship passengers and other tourists.

St John Waterfront


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