Best of New York

    New York is one of the United States’ most popular places, probably due to the presence of New York City, one of the most dynamic and exciting urban places in the world. Certainly “the Big Apple” deserves its standing and is the top draw in this very populous state, but there are many other places in the state which are rightfully found on every traveler’s must-see list.

     But we will begin in the city, particularly on Manhattan Island, the essence of New York. Some of the major tourist sights here include the Empire State Building, for many years the tallest building in the world.

Empire State Building

  The Metropolitan Museum is one of the world’s foremost art museums.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

  The United Nations Building is a symbol of cooperative spirit which is constantly working toward world peace.

United Nations Building

    In New York City Harbor, another symbol — the Statue of Liberty has long been an icon representing hope and freedom.

Statue of Liberty

   At the opposite end of the state, in the far northwestern corner, is one of the world’s first and most popular honeymoon spots. Niagara Falls are probably the most recognized waterfall in the world.

Niagara Falls

     The Baseball Hall of Fame is a wonderful attraction for students and lovers of the sport. It is located in the charming town of Cooperstown.

Baseball Hall of Fame

  A lesser known town, in western New York, is Corning, corporate home of the famous glass company. Its Museum of Glass is fascinating.

Museum of Glass

  Corning is in the southern part of the Finger Lakes Region, a popular vacation region, which boasts a number of interesting attractions. My favorite place in the Finger Lakes is Watkins Glen State Park, a walk through a beautiful gorge with myriad waterfalls.

Watkins Glen State Park

For horse racing aficionados, Saratoga Springs is the place to be in August, for some of the finest thoroughbred racing in the world.

Saratoga Springs

The town is lovely as well, with its many large and attractive Victorian homes.

Batcheller Mansion

   The United States Military Academy at West Point trains future US Army leaders.

West Point


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