Best of North Carolina

     North Carolina has a variety of landscapes, from the seashore and lowlands of the east to the Blue Ridge Range of the Appalachian Mountains in the west. The state also has a number of tourist attractions, most related to these regions. 

     One of America’s palaces is a popular tourist destination in the foothills of the mountains. The Biltmore Estate, located in Asheville, is regal and opulent example of the type of mansion characteristic of Europe.

Biltmore Estate

 Nearby is the lovely and historic scenic drive known as the Blue Ridge Parkway, which winds through North Carolina and through much of Virginia.

Blue Ridge Parkway

  On the opposite side of the state are the Outer Banks, a wide strip of barrier beaches which are tentatively connected to the mainland. In Kittyhawk, the Wright Brothers perfected man’s first flight. A memorial marks their launching area

Wright Brothers Memorial

while another, at the bottom of the hill, marks the spot where they actually achieved flight.

Wright Brothers Plaque

   The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is the most well-known on the Outer Banks.

Cape Hatteras Light

   The first Virginia Colony, where Virginia Dare was born, was located in this vicinity and the colony vanished without a trace when Sir Walter Raleigh returned to England. A dramatization of the event is performed each summer at a specially designed outer theater. The name of the production is “The Lost Colony” and is a worthwhile excursion in the area.

The Lost Colony


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