Best of Philadelphia

      Philadelphia, along with Boston (see “Best of Boston”) are the two most historically significant cities in the USA. Both were prominent in the days leading up to and during the Revolutionary War. Boston has its Freedom Trail while Philadelphia has Independence National Historical Park.

       But let’s concentrate here on Philly. The most popular sights are within the historical park, places like the Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell

and Independence Hall

Independence Hall

where the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Inside Independence Hall

 Elsewhere in the park are Franklin Court, an area dedicated to the memory of one of America’s greatest statesmen and citizens, Benjamin Franklin.

Franklin Court

 Philadelphia’s City Hall sports a statue of founder William Penn atop its tall tower.

City Hall

Food aficionados will love the aromas and variety inside the Reading Terminal Market.

Reading Terminal Market

A walk or drive along Ben Franklin Parkway is very impressive.

Ben Franklin Parkway


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