Best of Providence

     Providence, Rhode Island, is a wonderful small city. It has many historical sights and has also transformed itself in the past twenty years to become more enticing to tourists. Some of the downtown area has been significantly modified and an entirely new and unique attraction, Waterfires, has been born.

    Imagine the scene on a spring, summer, or fall night on the Providence River, which winds through the downtown, of a hundred or more braziers at regular intervals along the center of the river. These braziers sport burning logs which are replenished as needed throughout the evening. The edge of the river is packed with onlookers who walk or sit transfixed, as music plays from speakers. The ambience is unforgettable, both eerie and relaxing. This is Waterfires!


  Providence’s largest city park, Roger Williams Park, is a gem. It contains many walking paths as well as a zoo and a science museum.

Roger Williams Park

   The citizens of Rhode Island are very proud of their State House, which has one of the largest domes in the country.

Rhode Island State House

     The state’s founder, Roger Williams, is immortalized in Prospect Park. A statue of the man looks out over his city.

Roger Williams's Statue, Prospect Park


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