Best of San Diego

      San Diego is one of the most delightful cities in the world. The weather is almost perfect, with lots of sunny days and moderate temperatures (not too cold in the winter and not too hot in the summer). Its proximity to Los Angeles (without the smog and urban blight) and Mexico (without the danger and chaos) makes it a fabulous travel destination.

     The city is also blessed with numerous tourist attractions, made even more enticing because of the favorable climate and the positive attitude of the residents.

     My favorite place in San Diego is the San Diego Zoo, easily one of the best (perhaps #1) zoos in the world. The quality and quantity of animals is unrivaled; the habitats are realistic and accent their occupants; and the entire experience is user-friendly. We especially loved the Koala Bears

Koala Bear

 and the Giant Pandas.

Giant Panda

 The San Diego Zoo is located within Balboa Park, one of the largest and most beautiful city parks in the world. It has a wealth of museums

Museum of Man, Balboa Park

and other activities for visitors, and its Spanish architecture is fabulous.

California Tower & Fountain, Balboa Park

  Of course, the proximity to the ocean means that San Diego has beaches, as well. Perhaps the most famous beach is Coronado Beach, where the famous Hotel del Coronado looms attractively.

Coronado Beach

    The founder of San Diego, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, is immortalized in a monument, on an island overlooking the city.

Cabrillo Monument

  The city’s skyline is somewhat impressive.

San Diego Skyline


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