Best of Shanghai

  The ultra-modern city of Shanghai is China answer to glitz. A walk through the tunnel from the Bund to the Pudong will convince anyone that this is not your traditional China. Skyscrapers abound — there are 2700 buildings which are 13 stories or taller.

      We spent some time on the Bund, basically a promenade along the river which features a row of European-style buildings, remnants from the days when European countries had a significant presence here.

The Bund

     From the Bund, one can see across the river to the Pudong, the newest section of the city and its financial center.

The Pudong

      Nanjing Road is the glitzy thoroughfare (pedestrian-only for part of its length) that reminds visitors of New York City or Las Vegas.

On Nanjing Road

   While in Shanghai, take a ride on the Maglev Train which travels from the city to the airport at speeds of 200 miles per hour — exhilarating!

Maglev Train

  Shanghai acrobats are known all over the world for their incredible routines. We saw an excellent show while in the city.


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