Best of Taos

   Taos, New Mexico is high up in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. These days it is known for its skiing, but historically it has been a Native American settlement for hundreds of years. Some of this settlement has been preserved and is open to tourists. Taos Pueblo has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, one of the few in the US which is not a national park.

      Native Americans still reside here, at least on a part-time basis and others use the venue to market their handi-crafts. The “High Road to Taos,” a noted scenic drive leads to the city from Santa Fe.

     Be sure to spend some time wandering among the buildings of the pueblo.

Taos Pueblo

     The cemetery is interesting,

Taos Pueblo Cemetery

    as is the adorable San Geronimo Church.

San Geronimo Church

     The Pueblo is located near the source of the Rio Grande River, which flows right through the compound.

Rio Grande at Taos Pueblo

   The city of Taos has a major artist colony, another strong draw for tourists. Be sure to wander the main square and visit several of the shops while in the vicinity.

Main Square, Taos


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