Best of the White Mountains

     The White Mountains of New Hampshire, although small compared to the mountains of the American or Canadian West, nevertheless offer excellent mountain scenery to residents of the northeast. Their greatest allure comes during the autumn, when the leaves of the predominant deciduous trees change colors to reveal red, yellow, gold, and orange pigments that were masked by chlorophyll during the spring and summer. The hills are “alive” in the fall and thousands crowd the mountain roads to experience this annual show of color.

     This area has been attracting tourists for hundreds of years so the towns and cities possess ample facilities for the hordes of visitors. But don’t be put off by the multitudes. This is a worthwhile journey for all who appreciate the splendor and beauty of nature.

     First, let’s start with some waterfalls. One of my two favorites is Glen Ellis Falls, in Franconia Notch.

Glen Ellis Falls

  The other is Arethusa Falls, an interesting waterfall that can be reached from a walking trail on the scenic Kancamagus Highway.

Arethusa Falls

  There are many covered bridges in New Hampshire. One of the prettiest is found in Jackson, a community on the edge of the White Mountains.

Covered Bridge, Jackson, NH

    The Kancamagus Highway, mentioned above, is a link between the towns of Lincoln, to the west, and North Conway, in the east. This beautiful drive travels, for much of its length, alongside the Swift River.

Swift River

    New Hampshire’s license plate features the Old Man of the Mountains, a human profile on a rugged cliff. Unfortunately, the “old man” collapsed, but it is being reconstructed since the image is so ingrained into the culture of the state. This photo is the “old man” as he used to be.

Old Man of the Mountains

 The town of North Conway is one of the most popular places for visitors to stay while in the area.

North Conway Train Station


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