Best of Toledo

     Toledo is one of the most popular excursions from Madrid. The medieval, walled city is only about 40 miles from the capital. It is famous for its glorious cathedral and for the Art of El Greco, who lived and painted here for much of his life.

      One of El Greco’s most famous paintings was a cityscape of Toledo which can be recreated with a visit to the Parador of Toledo (one of a group of state-run, historical hotels found all over Spain).

El Grecos View of Toledo

   Toledo’s Alcazar (castle) was the scene of a bitter siege during Franco’s rise to power in Spain.

Toledos Alcazar

  The city gates are spectacular and still used by traffic into and out of the city center.

Bisagra Gate

 One of El Greco’s most famous paintings is “The Burial of Count Orgasz,” found in the St Tome’ Church.

Burial of Count Orgasz

  The Cathedral is magnificent, although pictures are not allowed inside.

Cathedral, Toledo


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