Best of Venice

    Venice is one of the world’s most unique places. It is the quintessential romantic city! Although there are other places with canals, there is no city in the world with more canal traffic — it is simply the most common method of transport here.

     As a crossroad between East and West, Venice offers much more than water taxis. The architecture is distinctive, often Byzantine, sometimes Italianate, and usually different.

      Everything in Venice starts at St Mark’s Square, a place that Napoleon called “the drawing room of Europe.”

Piazza San Marco

  Anchored by the exquisite Basilica of St Mark, the piazza is always crowded with people.

Basilica San Marco

     Next door is the Doge’s Palace, a palatial mansion befitting the ruler of a once-powerful city-state.

Doge's Palace

  The palace is connected to Venice’s old prison so that criminals sentenced in the palace courtroom could be immediately shuttled to the dark and dank prison by crossing the infamous Bridge of Sighs.

Bridge of Sighs

 The Campanile (Bell Tower) of St Mark’s offers panoramic views of the lagoon at the end of the Grand Canal.


  The Grand Canal, like many of the world’s great thoroughfares is lined with palaces.

Palace on Grand Canal

    Some of Venice’s outer islands have a quieter pace but just as much charm.


    Be sure to stop in at Harry’s Bar to have a Bellini.

Harry's Bar


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