Best of Vermont

    Traveling to Vermont is like travel through time to an earlier period in New England when farming was the primary vocation and life was much simpler. The villages of Vermont are still quiet and relatively peaceful without a lot of evidence of modern technology. I am not saying that Vermonters are backward or out of touch. However, the state’s residents have done a great job keeping modern conveniences out of the forefront, and, in the process, they have maintained a charming and extremely attractive state, the envy of many other areas.

     We love traveling in Vermont because everything seems so unhurried. There are still quaint, classic New England villages to explore and the wilderness areas have been left largely undeveloped. The state is especially attractive in the autumn, when leaves change colors, but Vermont is an all-season destination.

     The largest city is Burlington, essentially a college town (the University of Vermont). Its downtown is compact and pleasant to walk, especially along the pedestrian-only Church Street, which is flanked by many restaurants and shops.

Church Street

  The state’s Number 1 attraction, if you can believe it, is the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream factory, in the northern part of the state.

Ben & Jerry's

  There are still many quintessential New England towns with a village green in front of the main church, villages like Stowe, which has managed to retain its charm even though it has a been a major ski area for decades.

Stowe Village


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