Best of York

    York is the main base of operations for visitors to northern England. It is a charming town, with several pedestrian-friendly streets and well-preserved medieval walls that are fun to stroll. The knock on this great destination is the fact that the streets are basically rolled up and stored after 6 PM.

     The prime attraction in town is the York Minster, purported to be the largest European cathedral north of the Rhine. It is certainly a beautiful Gothic church.

York Minster

  The extensive city walls are convenient and a pleasure to explore.

City Walls of York

    York is not far from Hadrian’s Wall, a remnant of the Roman occupation of England. Housestead’s Fort was a Roman settlement on the border with Scotland where troops which patrolled the wall were stationed and housed.

Housestead's Fort

   York is also convenient to the northern English moors, made famous in novels by the Bronte sisters..

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