Best Small Museums of the US — Museum of Glass, Corning, NY

                The world is full of museums. It seems that every tourist town has at least one; destination cities have a multitude. Certainly everyone is aware of the mega-museums, those that have earned the reputation of “best in the world,” like the Louvre, the Smithsonian, the Hermitage, etc. Less well known are these “smaller museums” which manage to do great things with much smaller budgets. I am not a museum-person; I prefer not to spend hours in a building looking at many things that I will never remember or that have little meaning for me. However, I think that I am discerning enough to appreciate museums, and there are some that I will return to year after year because they are so special.

           Therefore, I tend to stay away from many of these “small museums” and to spend my time looking at the more significant sights of a tourist destination. However, there are several of these museums that have left a very positive impression on me. These are the ones that I would like to share.

          Corning, NY is one of the most charming towns in the state. It has preserved its 19th century look and is fun to stroll. The town’s name and fame comes from the Corning Glass Company, maker of specialty glass products such as corningware for the home, as well as ceramic products involved in the worlds of technology and communication.                            

Corning Museum of Glass

             The Museum of Glass is a wonderful place to visit. It has numerous interactive exhibits, demonstrations, and thousands of interesting products made from glass.                  

Glass Snowmen

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