Cities on Rivers — #1 Southern Europe

Because of the potential for commerce, many inland cities were established and thrived along major navigable rivers. Many of these cities became important centers for trade and crossroads for the movement of goods and people. This first installment of Cities on Rivers concentrates on the countries of Southern Europe.

Rome, Italy — The Eternal City of Rome grew up and sprawled out from the Tiber River. The river today separates the most populous part of the city from both Vatican City

View of St Peter’s Across the Tiber

and from the Trastevere District.

Santa Maria in Trastevere

Florence, Italy — Florence is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. It sits on the Arno River in north-central Italy. The region is famous for its wine-growing. Prior to the unification of Italy, Florence was one of the most powerful City-States in the country. The city’s famous Ponte Vecchio spans the river and also provides an interesting shopping experience.

Ponte Vecchio over the Arno

Cordoba, Spain — This ancient city with a decidedly Moorish background lies on the Guadalquivir River in the province of Andalusia. Cordoba actually was a Roman city 2000 years ago and still sports a Roman Bridge to prove it.

Roman Bridge, Cordoba

Toledo, Spain — Located at a bend in the Tagus River, the elegant city of Toledo is extremely popular with travelers. It is a former capital of the Spanish Empire and was always famous for sword and knife making. Favorite son, El Greco, spent much of his artistic career here and his many paintings of the city are special treasures.

View of Toledo and the Tagus River


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