Ecological Travels — Lakes Around the World

                     The science of ecology deals with environments and the unique wildlife that inhabits them. My “Ecological Travels” series is a survey of different ecological habitats around the world. It’s amazing how similar, for example, rivers are on different continents, even though the actual creatures that inhabit the rivers may be separate species.  So this series will take a look at similar ecological zones in different tourist destinations.

         Lakes are standing bodies of fresh water, usually fed by a rivers or springs. To differentiate lakes from other similar types of environments, lakes are usually thought of as large, as opposed to ponds which are much smaller.

        Lakes Around the World:

                Peyto Lake, Banff National Park, British Columbia, Canada — This gorgeous lake can be found at an overlook along the Icefields Parkway which connects Banff National Park and Jasper National Park.               

Peyto Lake, Canada

         Loch Ness, Scotland — This is the most mysterious lake in the world, due to the “presence” of Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster.            

Loch Ness, Scotland

         Lake Powell, Arizona, USA — this man-made lake was formed during the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam.               

Lake Powell

                Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada, USA — This lake has long been a destination resort, offering skiing in the winter, water and mountain activities during the summer, and casinos year round.            

Lake Tahoe

           Lake Michigan, Chicago, Illinois — This is one of the Great Lakes which separate the United States from Canada.            

Lake Michigan

          Lake George, New York, USA — This long-time recreation area for the northeast is still popular, especially for families with children.            

Lake George

      Bow Lake, Banff National Park, British Columbia, Canada — Here is another of this area’s spectacular lakes. It can be found along Bow Valley Parkway, a beautiful, scenic drive.            

Bow Lake

         Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), Tiberias, Israel — This lake features prominently in the Old and New Testament. This is where Jesus Christ was said to have walked on water.      

Lake Kinnert (The Sea of Galilee)

           Lake Lugano, Switzerland — This beautiful and peaceful lake lies near the border of Switzerland and Italy.          

Lake Lugano

            Lake Manzanita, California, USA — This lake is located within Lassen Volcanic National Park and is one of the most popular recreation areas inside the park. 

Lake Manzanita

         Moraine Lake, Banff, Alberta, Canada — This is certainly one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Located within the Valley of the Ten Peaks, the lake has a stupendous backdrop of jagged mountains and glaciers.  

Moraine Lake

             Crater Lake, Oregon, USA — This incredible lake has given its name to this national park. It is famous for its unbelievable blue color and its depth. Crater Lake was, as the name suggests, formed from a volcanic eruption.  

Crater Lake



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