Essential Travel Experienc #76 – Cross over a Bridge

  Bridges are a necessary accompaniment to modern transportation since rivers and other bodies of water are so common on the planet. From the simplest log structure to the modern high-tech steel masterpiece, bridges have existed for eons and will continue to be improved and constructed in the years to come. Some of these utile structures have become more important and more significant than their basic purpose. Some have become icons of travel, important stops for any tourist.

   Here are some of the famous bridges that we have encountered in our travels. Certainly one of the most notable bridges in the world is the Golden Gate Bridge, at the entrance to San Francisco Bay.

Golden Gate Bridge

Another significant American bridge is the Brooklyn Bridge, connecting Lower Manhattan with the borough of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Bridge

Redding, California, has one of the most unusual bridges in the world because it is a giant sundial.

Sundial Bridge, Redding, CA

The US is noted for its covered bridges, throwbacks to an older America. Some are still functioning today, like this one in New Hampshire.

Covered Bridge, Jackson, NH

 Another very special bridge is found in Shelburne Falls, MA. It is known as the Bridge of Flowers, for obvious reasons.

Bridge of Flowers

Europe contains some very old and very interesting bridges. Some of them are city signatures and others have historical significance.

    The Charles Bridge, in Prague, is one which is intimately associated with the city.

Lee on the Charles Bridge

   The traditional view of the city includes this icon.

Charles Bridge, Prague

 London has its Millenium Bridge, a pedestrian walkway over the Thames River.

Millenium Bridge, London

The village of Blois has a river over the Loire River that showcases its chateau.


The Chain Bridge, over the Danube River in Budapest, is a city landmark.

Chain Bridge, Budapest

 The Arno River flows through Florence. It is spanned by several bridges, the most interesting of which is the Ponte Vecchio.

Ponte Vecchio, Florence

Venice has many bridges since the city is basically on a cluster of islands, but the most famous one is the Rialto Bridge, which, like the Ponte Vecchio above, is lined with shops.

Rialto Bridge

Another noteworthy bridge in Venice is the Bridge of Sighs, which spans a small canal between the Doge’s Palace where justice was administered, to the prison where punishment was meted out.

Bridge of Sighs

In Spoleto, a Roman Bridge leads to the Rocca (Fortress)

Roman Bridge, Spoleto

Bridges abound in Amsterdam, a city of canals like Venice, but none of them is particularly famous.


There is also a Roman Bridge in Cordoba which is still in use.

Roman Bridge, Cordoba

The New Bridge in Ronda is a city icon. It spans the famous gorge that divides the city.

New Bridge, Ronda

In Luzerne, the iconic Kapelbrucke spans the city’s river.

Kapelbrucke, Luzerne

In China, many bridges have special significance.

Bridge over a Canal in Zhouzhuang


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