Essential Travel Experience #16 — Visit a World-Class Zoo

    A visit to a zoo is both a rite of childhood and an educational experience which can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Some of the older and smaller zoos are depressing experiences. The animals are housed in small cages and seem maladjusted. But modern zoos are much more considerate and typically create huge, ecologically sound enclosures which depict the animals as if in their natural environment.

      My two favorite zoos in the world are the Bronx Zoo in New York City and the San Diego Zoo in California. They spare no expense to create dynamic, realistic enclosures and they maintain their animals in excellent condition. Here are a few pictures from recent visits.

     In the Bronx Zoo one can be transported into faraway places, such as an Asian environment frequented by tigers.  

Bengal tiger

or see a South American Tapir


The entrance to the zoo is also attractive


 San Diego is famous for several types of creatures not often seen in American zoos,

Koala Bear




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