Essential Travel Experience # 20 – Walk in the Footsteps of Caesar

     The Roman Empire was headquartered in Rome, Italy for hundreds of years. It was probably a hub-bub of activity because the task of ruling such a huge empire required thousands of workers and other individuals, twenty-four hours per day and 365 days a year.

     Obviously, the Roman Empire is gone and Rome is just another capital city on the European continent. But, thankfully, there are many reminders of those Roman Empire days which can still be found and savored by visitors to this Eternal City.

      The most dramatic of these places is, without doubt, the Roman Forum, where visitors can walk on the same streets that Caesar and other rulers walked. They can see the ruins of bustling center of the Roman Empire.

Roman Forum

 Some of the ruins, such as the Arch of Septimus Severus and the Arch of Constantine are remarkably well-preserved.

Arch of Constantine, Rome

       The Colosseum, a true feat of engineering rises impressively from the edge of the Forum.


    The interior of the Colosseum is being modified to hold events once again  

Colosseum Interior


      There are other areas which are still being excavated and which will probably be available to the tourist in the near future, as well..

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