Essential Travel Experience #23 — Enter a Time Capsule at a “Living History Museum”

    Do you ever wonder what life was like in the early days of the United States, or in a century of history that has fascinated you? Thankfully, there are opportunities to do just that at a “Living History Museum” where the workers are dressed in period costumes and activities from that time are exhibited and displayed.

     Today there are many of these “time capsules” around the world and they make a great educational tool for youngsters, an interesting diversion from the norm for adults, and an indispensable historical perspective for all.

     Lee & I have visited many of these places, so I will share some pictures of a few of them.

    Probably our favorite is Williamsburg, a look at the mid-eighteenth century in Colonial America.

Governor's Palace, Williamsburg

 In New England, one of the first areas of America to be settled, there are several of these “living museums.” Plimoth Plantation is the premier location since it was the site of the first permanent New England settlement, erected by the Pilgrims in 1620.

Plimoth Plantation

    In Sturbridge Village, life in the early 18th century is portrayed.

Oliver Wright Tavern, Sturbridge Village

   In Canada, we visited Louisburg Fortress, a “living museum” in the Maritime province of Nova Scotia.

King's Bastion, Louisburg Fortress


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