Essential Travel Experience #30 – Be Mesmerized by the Otherworldly Landscape of the Li River

    One of the most unusual examples of Karst geology, landscape typically associated with glaciers, can be found in south central China, along the Li River, especially the section which runs from Guilin to Yangshuo. This area has been developed as a major tourist attraction, with boats traversing this part of the river during all times of the year. Usually the boat ride ends with a bus ride back to Guilin.

    Guilin is a fairly well-developed traveler destination, with quite a few hotels and a number of sights in the area to warrant several days of a traveler’s time. A few of these attractions are pictured below.

Camel Hill, Seven Stars Park

 and Reed Flute Cave

Reed Flute Cave

   At the opposite end, the town of Yangshuo is all about shopping with numerous stalls set up throughout the village

Yangshuo Village

  But the main feature is the river and its incredible hills.       Check out some of the landscape below:

Li River Karst Geology

 or this scene which is featured on the 20 Yuan note of China’s currency

20 Yuan Scene

   Here are some other locations

Eerie Shapes on the Li River

 and this

More Weird Hills


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