Essential Travel Experience #67 – Walk the Walls of a Medieval City

    Most of Europe’s older cities once had walls. It seems that there was much to fear in medieval Europe. Many of those walls have been demolished, either to allow the sprawl of the city or because they were not needed anymore. However, some cities and towns have preserved their walls, to the delight of tourists who can still get a flavor for the place and the way it once was.

     The most charming of these places actually allow visitors to “walk the walls” and get a “bird’s eye view” of the town or village below. Here are a few of these delightful locations which Lee and I have sampled.

    The town of Avila, in Spain, has some of the best preserved walls in Europe.

City Walls of Avila

Check out the view from above.

Walking Avila's Walls

York, England, is another city which has kept its walls intact, so that they can be enjoyed by tourists and locals alike.

York City Walls

In Germany, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a charming town on the Romantic Road, has walls that can be walked.

City Walls

In Greece, on the island of Rhodes, the city has extensive walls which can be strolled.

Rhodes Old Town Walls


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