Essential Travel Experience #72 – Travel Down City Waterways

Cities are often located on rivers since rivers offer the possibility of commerce, an important ingredient in any society.  Besides the economic benefit, rivers also offer recreational opportunities and aesthetic value. Come with me on a trip along some of the many waterways which traverse the cities of the world.

     San Antonio has capitalized on its river by creating the Paseo del Rio (River Walk), a delightful collection of shops and restaurants which straddle the San Antonio River.


Providence, RI, has created an enchanting evening scene by burning wood in braziers mounted in the middle of its river. The phenomenon, known as Waterfire is attended by thousands during the summer and fall.


 The Chicago River winds its way between the skyscrapers of downtown Chicago.

Chicago River

New Orleans is blessed with the mighty Mississippi River as its neighbor

Mississippi River Steamboat

as is St Louis.  

Gateway Arch & Mississippi River

 Venice is, of course, famous for its canals which are the primary way that people move about in the city.

Grand Canal

Even small canals are part of the network.

Venetian Canal

Bruges is also blessed with numerous canals


as is Amsterdam.


Zhouzhuang, a city west of Shanghai, is one of the “water villages” which have canals, somewhat like Venice, that are primary routes for travel within the city.

Zhouzhuang Canal

The Seine winds through the center of Paris. An excursion on a Bateau Mouche is a necessary activity while in the city. The tranquil, narrated tour is a good orientation for visitors.

Seine River

London’s river, the Thames, also cuts through the center of the city.

Thames & Tower of London

Rome has its Tiber

View of St Peter's across the Tiber

Bern’s river is the Aare.

Bern's Aare River

Luzerne’s Kapelbrucke, its signature attraction, straddles the city’s main waterway.

Luzern's Kapelbrucke

 The Salzbach River runs through Mozart’s home town of Salzburg, Austria.

Salzbach River, Salzburg

Ketchikan Creek gave its name to this Alaskan city.

Creek Street, Ketchikan


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