Essential Travel Experience #74 – Spot some Wildlife

    Seeing wild animals in nature is always an exciting experience. We humans love to go to zoos to see these dangerous or interesting creatures, but it is always better to spot them in their native habitat. In a sense we revel in the opportunity to be “peeping toms” and catch them, unaware of our presence, just doing the things they do.

    We are particularly animated when we see the larger mammals, especially carnivores or large predators in the wild, although these sightings are few and far between. One of the problems with wildlife-spotting is the fact that these creatures are often far away and are not actually posing for a photo. Thus, we frequently return home to check out our photos and find a black or brown dot in the distance which represents the creature we were so excited to see.

    Here are a few of our wildlife photos. In the Everglades, the creature that most people are after is the alligator.


 Also, in the same national park, we saw this anhinga sunning itself.


On our recent trip to Alaska, we saw quite a lot of wildlife, especially in Denali National Park. Here is one of the many moose we saw.

Moose, Denali

Wildlife at Yellowstone is very common, especially bison who roam the park.

Bison at Yellowstone NP

We have, of course, seen many more examples, but I can’t seem to locate good, pictures that have been digitized, so I am unable to post bears, Pronghorn antelope, elk, etc..

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