Essential Travel Experience #79 – Be Solemn at a Monastery or Abbey

    Besides churches, there are other religious sites around the world which deserve mention. Monasteries and Abbies are places where devout religious orders are trained and housed. For the most part, the individuals who live in these establishments are here for life, away from society, so that they may concentrate on their religion.

     For the tourist, some of these complexes may be visited. Many of them are of high interest because of the architecture and the quality of the workmanship.

   The Melk Abbey, along the Danube River in Austria, was exquisite.

Melk Abbey

The Abbey at Mont-St-Michel, on the Normandy coast of France, was begun in about 800 AD and caps an island village that is a must-see.

Mont-St-Michel Abbey

Ettal’s Monastery is located near the southern end of the Romantic Road, one of Germany most charming routes.

Ettal Monastery

The interior of the Monastery Church is positively gorgeous.

Ettal Monastery

Many of the temples we visited in Bangkok are also monasteries, where young Buddhist monks train in the their religion.

Inside a Buddhist Temple

By the way, it seems appropriate that this post about being solemn and centering on religious places is uploaded on Christmas Day, one of the greatest religious holidays of the year..

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