Essential Travel Experience #8 – Watch and Listen to a Famous Glockenspiel

    The word “glockenspiel” in German means, literally, playing bells. It has come to denote a musical percussion instrument but is most associated with a musical display, usually accompanied by mechanical figures. Some of the following examples are probably not true glockenspiels but they are similar in that they chime at a particular time of day and have a visual component as well.

     The most famous glockenspiel is found in Munich, on the main Old Town Square, Marienplatz.


The bells are housed in the Neues Rathaus (New Town Hall)

Neues Rathaus

Another famous glockenspiel sits in the center of Bern, Switzerland.

Glockenspiel, Bern

  In Prague, the Glockenspiel is called the Astronomical Clock and sits  in beautiful Old Town Square, next to City Hall.

Astronomical Clock, Prague


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