Essential Travel Experience #86 – Seek the Truth at a Vineyard

  “In vino veritas” is an oft-quoted remark which finds its expression at vineyards all over the world. The more wine we drink, the looser the lips and the more honest we become. Hopefully, most of us do not drink enough at a vineyard to prove the truth of this statement, but we do enjoy our wine!

     Wine-tasting at vineyards is a very popular activity. California’s Wine Country is one of the state’s most popular vacation spots, and there is little else to do here besides drink wine. Although Lee & I do not profess to be connoisseurs of wine, we certainly enjoy imbibing both red and white versions of this ambrosia. We recently went again to Wine Country and sampled our share of excellent California wines.

    Among the vineyards we stopped at were the Benziger Winery in Sonoma

Benziger Winery

Ferrari-Carano, where the grounds were as impressive as the wines, 


Ledson Chateau and Vineyard, which we felt was to uppity and over-the-top for us, 

Ledson Vineyard

and Castello Amaroso, with its famous castle.

Castello Amaroso

Elsewhere in the world, we stopped at a Sherry Bodega in Spain, in the town of Jerez de la Frontera

Sherry Bodega

As more and more areas of the world are beginning to advertise and promote their wines, these stops will become more and more frequent for the tourist, and perhaps will lead to more honesty in the world..

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