Essential Travel Experience #90 – Attend a Concert

    There are many concert venues around the world which are bigger than life. Either the hall itself or the type of concert is a tourist attraction. Try to set some time aside during your vacation to attend a concert at one of these venues. It is bound to be a memorable experience.

     Hemingway once said that if one sat at the Paris Opera House for a long time, he would see everyone in the world pass by. What he perhaps meant was that everyone of any consequence could be seen there. Ernest, if you had lived long enough, you would have seen me there!

Paris Opera House

Another world famous opera house is La Scala, in Milan.

La Scala

The Cuvillies Theater is located within Munich’s Residenz complex, the winter home of the Hapsburg royalty.

Cuvillies Theater

Vienna’s Musikverein (Golden Hall) is typically the venue for Mozart concerts.

Golden Hall

The Royal Albert Hall, in London, was even mentioned in a Beatles song (A Day in the Life).

Albert Hall

In Seville, the best flamenco is performed at El Arenal.

El Arenal

Radio City Music Hall is one of New York City’s most famous concert venues.

Radio City Music Hall

Tanglewood is the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.


In Los Angeles, the Disney Concert Hall is the newest and hippest place for concerts.

Disney Concert Hall


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