Israel 2011 — Impressions of Israel 5 — Food of the Holy Land

      Cuisine is an important part of travel to an area. Food is an integral part of the culture and should be experienced to fully appreciate a trip.  Israel is not noted for its culinary excellence, yet there are a number of foods which are associated with the Middle East that have become common throughout the world. I make an effort to sample the food of a region, and with the help of our local guide, Marina, have compiled a list of the culinary delights which we were exposed to in our travels. (Forgive the spellings, please)

    Chuksouka — Tomatoes, onions, etc. with eggs

    Couscous — Crushed wheat, served like rice

    Falafel — Spiced chick pea fritter (often served as a sandwich with tachine sauce)

    Halumi — Fried cheese in bread crumbs

    Hissop — A commonly used spice, has the flavor of a mild oregano

    Hulva — Ground sesame paste with honey, served in a cake form

    Hummus — Spiced chick pea paste, used as a spread or dip

    Kabobs — Bite-sized pieces of lamb, beef, or chicken served on a skewer

    Malabit — Sweet Arab dessert, served in rose water

    Madjadera — Lentils with rice, cinnamon, and fried onions

     Moroccan Cigar — Rolled philo dough with mashed potato

    Moussaka — Baked eggplant with meat and cheese (served like lasagna)

    Olives — Ubiquitous in the Mediterranean, usually served whole as appetizers or as complements to a meal

    Pastels — Triangles of fried mashed potatoes

    Pita — Unleavened bread

    Sambukas — Fried dumpling stuffed with meat and/or veggies

    Shwarma — Spiced chicken, turkey, or lamb and salad greens with sauce in a pita

    St Peter’s Fish — Baked Tilapia served whole

    Tabuli — Crushed parsley with lemon and fine wheat in oil, served in a pita

    Tunisian Sausages — Spicy sausage

    Yalanchi — Rolled Grape leaves stuffed with rice

Israel also produces some worthwhile wines:

     We sampled Benami Reisling, Carmel reds, and Gremisan dry reds


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