Israel 2011 — Impressions of Israel 4 — The Wall

     One of the most obvious signs of the tension in Israel is the wall that separates Jerusalem from the Palestinian territories. The wall is gray and ugly and snakes through sections of the city.

The Wall

We actually had to pass through the wall on our way to Bethlehem, which is inside the Palestinian territories.

     Obviously, the people of Israel are nervous about the militant factions in the West Bank and are trying to minimize the possibility that suicide bombers injure or kill Iraeli citizens. I certainly don’t blame them.

     However, talking to a Palestinian young man, who is actually Christian, he feels that the wall is “killing” their society. People who work in Jerusalem have to negotiate “the wall” twice daily. It is an ugly monstrosity and certainly does not do much for property values.

     There must be some other solution for the violence. Perhaps it is time that the nation of Palestine is recognized and that there is a resolution to the stalemate.

     It seems that there have been so many agreements signed and then ignored, or almost signed and then reconsidered. When will there be peace in this land?.

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