Israel — Day 1 — Arrival

    Our 10-hour flight from JFK culminated in our arrival in Tel Aviv at 3:00 PM. We boarded a bus for Tiberias, our first stop, on the Sea of Galilee, and were welcomed at our hotel at about 5:30 PM. En route, we noticed that the landscape was flat (although there were mountains in the distance) and arid — shrubs rather than trees, so the ecology might be considered Chaparral (like coastal Southern California). We noticed many palm trees where there was civilization. Tiberias is a resort town, directly on the lake (Israel’s largest body of fresh water) and is fairly built up with many hotels. Because we arrived at night, we were unable to explore the area. Lee & I are both excited to be in this most-interesting and historic country. We are staying at the Leonardo Hotel for the five (5) nights that we are in Tiberias. See you tomorrow with pictures and much more information..

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