Kansas City & West – Day 1 (Kansas City Arrival)

     Our uneventful flight on Southwest got us here at 10:30 AM. After checking in, we picked up our rental car and drove back to the Aladdin Hotel, an Art Deco masterpiece which was recently restored to its 1925 glory. On the way back we stopped briefly at the National World War I Museum and Liberty Memorial, dedicated by President Calvin Coolidge in 1926.

Liberty Memorial

      A close-up of the memorial shows a two figures of birds of prey, at the base, with their wings clasped around their beaks. There must be some symbolism here, but since we didn’t enter the museum at this time. were unable to figure it out.  

Close-up of Liberty Memorial

      The museum’s location offers a great view of the recently restored train station, Union Station, as well as the lovely Kansas City skyline, nice for a small city.

Union Station & Kansas City Skyline

        We have arranged to sing at the World War I Museum on Saturday morning since our competition songs include a World War I Medley. We are all looking forward to entertaining visitors to the museum and in spending more time here.

World War I Museum

 For supper, we went to the Power & Light District, a restored area of the downtown which is loaded with restaurants and nightclubs.

        We chose the Raglan Road Irish Pub and enjoyed it immensely. I had an interesting and unusual curry beef pot pie while Lee preferred a salad. I tried a local beer (Boulevard Amber Ale) which was fantastic! We were also given a sample of their soup, known as Soul Soup, tomato soup and gin. It was absolutely incredible (from someone who normally hates tomato soup). If we eat here again, we will definitely have a bowl..

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