Most Awe-Inspiring Places on Earth — Colosseum

               While some travel sights in the world evoke emotion, others truly inspire awe. These are the grandest places on the planet and often leave visitors speechless. They are difficult to describe because words seem inadequate. In this series, I will explore those sights that I have found to be the most awe-inspiring. I’m sure everyone has their own personal list of these sights, but these are “my very best.”

            The Roman Empire and its history is a fascinating time in the evolution of Western Civilization. The Romans did so many things well that their structures, in many cases, have lasted for over 2,000 years. The single most recognizable symbol of this time is the Colosseum, the arena where gladiators fought and citizens of the city were entertained for many years. This classic Roman structure was built in 79 AD and saw thousands of performances, many of them extremely bloody and brutal.            


             These days it is much tamer, simply providing a stimulating look at Roman life to millions of tourists each year. The floor that once covered the cages where wild animals were kept has collapsed but a section is being rebuilt to allow events to occur here.                 

Colosseum Floor

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