Most Awe-Inspiring Places on Earth — Neuschwanstein

              While some travel sights in the world evoke emotion, others truly inspire awe. These are the grandest places on the planet and often leave visitors speechless. They are difficult to describe because words seem inadequate. In this series, I will explore those sights that I have found to be the most awe-inspiring. I’m sure everyone has their own personal list of these sights, but these are “my very best.”

         There are castles and then there are castles. One can find them all over Europe and even on other continents. However, the quintessential castle remains to be Neuschwanstein. Built by “mad” King Ludwig II of Bavaria in the late 19th Century, the castle which sits near the Austrian border in southern Germany is about as close to a fairy tale castle as possible. As a matter of fact, it’s design influenced the construction of Cinderella’s castle in Disneyland and in Disney World.

           The best view of the castle is from St Mary’s Bridge.                       


         Here is another view from a different location.                  


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