Mountains of Canada

Mountains are wondrous things. They dominate the landscape where they exist. Geologically they are formed from an uplift, either from tectonic plates colliding or due to an up-welling from beneath the Earth as in a volcano.  Usually they are not alone, although some volcanoes may be. More often they are found in ranges. The Mountains of Canada display variety and stirring majesty especially in the Western part of the country where the younger and taller Rockies exist. Many of these giants are popular ski areas.

Whistler Mountain, British Columbia — The northern terminus of the Sea and Sky Highway from Vancouver, Whistler was a popular venue during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Whistler Mountain

Blackcomb Mountain, British Columbia — This companion mountain to Whistler (see above) offers additional ski runs for visitors to the area.

Blackcomb Mountain

Mount Tantalus, British Columbia — Visible from the Sea to Sky Highway, this mountain impresses observers with its size. It is part of the Coastal Range and rises to a height of 8,540 feet.

Mount Tantalus

Mount Revelstoke, British Columbia — Centerpiece of a national park and a major ski area, Revelstoke provides skiers with the greatest vertical drop in North America.

Mount Revelstoke

Sulfur Mountain, Alberta — One of the impressive mountains surrounding the village of Banff, Sulfur Mountain is the source of the some of the hot springs which made Banff a favorite getaway for the wealthy.

View from Sulfur Mountain

Mount Athabasca, Alberta — At a height of over 11,000 feet, Mount Athabasca is prominently noticeable along the Icefields Parkway which connects Banff and Jasper.

Mount Athabasca

Mont-Tremblant, Quebec — One of Canada’s most popular ski areas is located northwest of Montreal, in the Laurentian Mountains, one of the oldest mountain ranges in North America.

View from Mont-Tremblant

Mount Shakhnowa, Alberta — The tallest (11,234 feet) of the ten peaks  which loom over Moraine Lake in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, within Banff National Park.

Mount Shakhnowa



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