My Personal Cancer Journey — A Birthday Gift

Yesterday just happened to be both my birthday (67) and my latest cancer doctor appointment. It was with some apprehension that I arrived at the doctor’s office at my scheduled time. He then proceeded to give me the best birthday present I have received in quite a while, a good report on my illness.

Once again, my original lung tumor has shrunk another 10%. Some of my other tumors are also a bit smaller and some have remained stable (no change) — all good signs that my “magic pill,” tarceva, is still working and my cancer is not spreading. He was so pleased that he scheduled my next appointment for two (2) months from now instead of six (6) weeks, and my next CT Scan for October instead of September.

But perhaps the best news of the day was his assertion that “there is another pill in the pipeline, which should be available in the next 6-12 months.” I should qualify for this new pill, since I qualify to take tarceva, so that when the tarceva stops working, I would likely be put on this new pill, extending my life, and putting off the time when I will have to resort to regular Chemotherapy. To me, this is extremely promising and exciting information.

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