My Personal Cancer Journey — My Own Personal Care-Giver

I am blessed to have the most wonderful care-giver in the world. My wife, Lee, not only changes my Fentanyl pain patch and reminds me to take my medication, but she is also keeping a journal so we have a record of appointments and she takes notes during our visits with the doctors.

She constantly checks with me regarding the pain level and even wakes up during the night if I get up for any reason. In addition, she has been accompanying me when I have games in the evening that I must supervise. She has even volunteered to assist me during the day at the office.

She is the constant in my life, always there for me, lifting my spirits if I get a bit depressed, cheering me on when I am involved in things, reminding me of my obligations and promises. She is, as the song says, “the wind beneath my wings.”

She is my soul-mate and the love of my life, and I will be extremely sad when I have to leave her.

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