My Personal Cancer Journey — A Sad Passing

Cancer patients feel a strong connection to others who are battling this disease. We tend to follow their journey, supporting them along the way. Thus, it is with a heavy heart that I acknowledge and mourn the passing of Steve Isherwood, a fellow Barber-shopper, whose diagnosis and cancer journey began around the same time as mine.

Unfortunately, Steve was never as lucky with his cancer treatments as I have been. He never qualified for a chemo pill. His cancer progression was marked by many complications which delayed or suspended his treatment, and, ultimately, his cancer turned out to be much more aggressive than mine.

Steve was remarkable, however, in maintaining a positive attitude and displaying great strength, even toward the end of his life. He posted his progress on Facebook, sharing his plight with his many friends and well-wishers. Steve finally succumbed to his cancer this week. His death will affect many, especially me.

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