My Personal Cancer Journey — A Snowbird’s Farewell

All farewells are bittersweet. Mine is less so. Although I loved the weather in Florida, and I loved missing the relentless winter that Rhode Islanders experienced, I am not sorry to leave. The reason is that the past four (4) months have been the most difficult, medically, that I have ever experienced. As we look back on this time, we realize that most of our days were spent either in doctor’s offices, in labs, or in infusion rooms. We are returning to RI with numerous medical records that we did not arrive with. We have many CD’s of MRIs and CT Scans. And these are not all mine. My wife, Lee, has her own set of CDs and lab results.

I have watched commercials for many medications over the years and chuckled at the list of possible side effects that must be included in the advertisement. Now, for the first time in my life, I have witnessed this plethora of side effects first-hand. It is not pleasant. Nor are the depression-like symptoms that often accompany these side effects.

I had my last chemotherapy treatment yesterday and I am hoping that I have gotten beyond the side effects. I don’t know if I could take it again. My next infusion will be in the familiar surroundings of Rhode Island, and I hope that the change of venue improves my reaction.

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