My Personal Cancer Journey — An Ironic Twist

My birthday, Thursday, was a wonderful day for me since I got a good report from my cancer doctor. However, the day did not begin so well. Early that morning I had an appointment with my dermatologist, to follow up on the melanoma that was surgically excised in late January.

She decided to do a whole body scan, just as a precaution. When she got to my right upper arm (the original melanoma was on my left upper arm), she stopped. She said, “This looks suspicious. I’m going to do a biopsy of this area.” When I questioned her she indicated that this might be another melanoma, so she wanted to be sure.

After further discussion and after she discovered that we were leaving for a vacation out of the country in a few days, she decided to wait until we returned to do the biopsy. She feared that the possibility of infection after the biopsy would be unwise to deal with in a foreign country. So I am scheduled for my biopsy on July 9th, the day after we return from Scandinavia. Can things get any more complicated? Am I still dodging bullets?

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