My Personal Cancer Journey — An Unexpected Delight

My final official day of work was extremely emotional for me. Not only did I have to wrestle with the dilemma that I mentioned yesterday concerning the job and the future of the Athletic Program, but I also received a totally unexpected and delightful email when I arrived at the office.

While I was assisting in the interview process to screen applicants to replace me, the Athletic Hall of Fame Review Committee, of which I am a member and chair-person, met to consider final nominations for this year’s induction class. In my absence they nominated and voted to induct ME! I stared at the email in disbelief and then began crying like a baby. They were, of course, tears of joy; I never thought I would be selected at this time — the Hall of Fame is only 2 years old. What an honor! What a way to end my career at the school! I am humbled, overwhelmed, and delighted.

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