My Personal Cancer Journey — Another Bump in the Road

When your doctor calls you after a test, the news is generally not good. After my MRI on Tuesday, I assumed that we would discuss the results on Thursday (today) at my early appointment. Instead, my doctor called yesterday with another glitch in my treatment. I was to begin a new chemotherapy medication today, a promising regimen which he referred to as immunotherapy, a drug which supposedly will encourage my own immune system to attack my cancer.

However, the MRI of my brain showed several lesions which he feels we must address immediately. Instead of the plan outlined above, I must begin radiation of my brain to eliminate or control these lesions before returning to the tumors in my lungs, bones, etc. This cancer of mine seems like it’s on a road trip through my body, always searching for new places to visit or to stay awhile. Hopefully we can arrest this intruder before it can seriously damage the most important part of me, my brain.

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