My Personal Cancer Journey — Another Milestone

Friday, March 15, 2013 was a landmark day for me. I delivered my letter of resignation to the superintendent of schools. Even though I haven’t left yet (my final day will be Mar 28th), it is a great relief to have done this “dirty deed.” Finally I am close to divorcing myself from this job (that I loved, but which has imprisoned me and kept me from doing many of the things that I had hoped to do). Shortly I will be free of “obligations” and can get on with the business of enjoying my remaining years.

Although I have had some bitter thoughts about the way I was treated (by the school committee) over the past five months, I feel that I exited with dignity and with no malice. The superintendent was extremely sympathetic and told me that he understood my feelings completely.

Another chapter of my life is ending. It is particularly bittersweet since I do not know, at this point, what will happen with the Athletic Department. No one has been hired to do the job and I fear that it will be awarded as a political favor. If that happens, the entire system that I took such pains to make user-friendly and efficient could be in jeopardy.

Oh well, not my problem anymore.

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